How to get started with web3 ???

"Dude! I have been hearing the buzzwords Web3, Crypto and Decentralised Finance all around me but how do I get started with the new tech and do I need to be a developer beforehand? "

That is the question most of the people ask me and my answer is straight YES you can start web3 development completely as a noob to development . No worries, this article have got you covered as to how to start your journey into this space with all the resources that will help you not only start but also learn aligning with the required skills in the market that too completely FREE. So fasten your seatbelts for your web3 ride.

The Foundation

Starting from the very basics for development in web3 you need to get the basics of how blockchain works and some basic maths behind it which you can grasp from some youtube channels like Code eater, Freecodecamp . For this part, my favorite source are the books called Grokking Bitcoin or Mastering Ethereum. This will hardly take 15 days to go through these resources. Congratulations ! You have strengthened your basics and are all set for coding.

Learning a Language

From this part starts the real fun. You have to learn a programming language, in this blog, I will cover only the Solidity part. For learning solidity, there are tons of youtube videos provided out there for free, I suggest you to take up any channel and complete solidity from that particular educator. For hands-on experience in solidity, you can refer to the first six modules of it is a slightly old versioned platform but still valuable for starting as a beginner. After learning solidity try to make some smart contracts by referring to the youtube videos and documentation initially on Remix IDE and then you can get started with hardhat or truffle/.

Here you have reached the big milestone! So make sure to give a big pat on the back

Learning A Library

Choose any library out of web3.js or ethers.js, I prefer the latter one. There is an awesome video on the TheDappUniversity channel on ehers.js. Make sure you watch that completely and practice on your text editor. Only after that start making a few projects on ethers.js.

Well, that was a small part but still, you deserve a big shout-out for reaching this far !

Start Building Dapps

Now you are all set to make your own decentralized applications and showcase to the world . You can use Learnweb3dao, TheDappUniversity, Codeeater, and Freecodecamp to get some project ideas . My favourite to get started is the Lottery and Crowd-Funding Dapp . You can start reading Ethereum documentation and start solving Ethernaut problems to improve your problem-solving abilities.

Congratulations! You are a Blockchain Developer

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